Sunday, April 7, 2013

Build your own Planer Boards for Potomac Rockfishing

MATERIAL LIST FOR ONE SET of 36" Planer Boards

  • (2) 8 foot 1" x 10" #1 Pine - no big knots, try to find straight boards
Steel Hardware:
Note: Use Galvanized bolts, nuts and washers instead of Stainless Steel - will last 5 to 10 years at half the price and easy to get at any hardware store!
  • (30) 3/8" x 16" stainless steel nuts (to fit all-thread rods)
  • (28) 3/8" x 1 W' stainless steel fender washers (to fit all-thread rods)
  • (2) eye bolts stainless steel 3/8" - 2 W' - 3" long
  • (4) 2' long 3/8" stainless steel all thread 
Note: all nuts and bolts are 16 threads per inch
  • (1) Lok Tite thread sealer (small tube)
  • (2) bike flags (Bright Orange)  with bracket or US Flags 
Note: Use fiberglass rods - Wood dowels will break if hit by waves.

  • (1) quart orange paint - oil base is best 
Alternative paint: use white house paint and then spray paint with Florescent red/orange

Rockfish Planer Board Plans

Thank you to Captain Frank Tuma at Downtime Charters for these plans

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