Sunday, April 14, 2013

Trolling Spread for Spring Potomac Rockfish - 7 rods

I spent most of the day today on the boat getting my trolling spread set up for my planer boards.  I ran planer boards quite a bit last Fall, but never took the time to document anything regarding which lines to run where and how much line to put out, etc.  So, here's my first attempt at documenting my Spring Potomac Rockfish trolling spread.

This is using planer boards with 100 feet of line on each.  If I had more rod holders, I'd be able to squeeze things a bit tighter on the planer boards.  However, I only have 7 holders, so three per board is all that I'll run.

This rockfish trolling spread is likely to change.  One thing that I'm not sure about is whether or not I'll like pulling a Stretch-25 lure on the boards.  So, that's one thing that might change rather quickly.

In any case - here's a graphical representation of my Spring 2013 Rockfish Trolling Spread.

We'll see how it goes.  Any and all feedback appreciated!


  1. - The 4/4 tandem has to change. That was put there in error. Should be different weights on the tandem or they will spin together into a big mess
    - Stretch 25 on the board might be a bad idea due to horizontal motion of the lure that may tangle other lines. Will probably replace it with another tandem rig.

  2. Updated the image with the adjustments outlined in the comment above.


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