Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First outing late season 2013 report

Went out on Sunday, 29 September 2013 with a minimal trolling spread and no planer boards.  Spoke to a gentleman at the Colonial Beach gas dock who said that he had caught a couple of small keepers near the "Dollies" on the Virginia side.

I decided to go a little further down-river and started at the green can at Nomini Bay (Green 13).  We marked a lot of bait in this area.  There was a lot of bait at the surface as well, but very little in the way of topwater action.

We were pulling a spread that consisted of three tandem rigs with mostly chartreuse bucktails and one Stretch-25 (Mann's Bait Company 8-Inch Textured Stretch 25+ Hardbait (Redhead Holographic)).  The Stretch-25 may be a little large for this time of year, as the bait is usually smaller, and we want our lures to mimic the bait that's available.  With this in mind, the bucktails that we were running were between 1 and 4 ounces with 4-inch curly tails.

We trolled around Green 13 for a few passes, and caught a single small bluefish.  Headed across the river toward St Clements Island and Red 14.  Not much marking across the channel, but a lot of bait again once we reached the 35-foot depths.  Trolled up the ledge on the Maryland side staying in 25-30 feet of water.  Continued to mark bait all the way through, but only managed a single juvenile rockfish.

Here's an image of the basic troll path.

Good luck out there, and stay safe!


  1. Rick, Good job setting this up , it is about time someone created this. I live on the upper and fish primarily at or above the bridge. I will be checking in regulary and adding comments. - Mike

  2. Thanks, Mike! I've heard that there is some good fishing just around the bend North of the bridge. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  3. Rick, I made a run down to this bridge this past saturday and had good luck just below the bridge around green 29 and in the lumps. Several boats were in on the action as well. A mix of sizes were found 24" down to 16". I ran two tandem bucktails and a drone spoon. The spoon caught as much as the tandem rigs. I also fished for a few hours at daybreak sunday and had decent luck again. I will be back down again this weekend.

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