Saturday, October 19, 2013

No fishing this weekend - Boat troubles

Got everything ready to go today - was going to head out on the Potomac for some rockfish.  I had a little work to do on the boat and had to get some of my tackle squared away, so worked for about an hour, and got ready to head out.

I disconnected the shore power, and fired up the engines.  There was a bit of squeaking going on in the engine room, but it wasn't uncommon, so I ignored it - until I started to smell rubber burning!

I opened the engine hatch, and could see that the serpentine belt was smoking on my starboard engine.  I quickly shut it down after only running for about 45 to 60 seconds.  As soon as the motor stopped, the belt melted in half on the alternator pulley.

Turns out, the alternator was frozen and refused to turn, which resulted in burning the belt up.  The belt got so hot that it melted the plastic part of the idler pulley as well!

So, I had to buy a new alternator, idler pulley and a serpentine belt today.  They won't be here until next week, so my weekend of fishing is a no-go.

Parts list for fixing my 2000 Volvo Penta 5.0GiPEFS (GM 305 C.I.) after faulty alternator fouled up the system:
  • Alternator - Volvo Part # 3860082 ($369 at found on eBay for $112.00
  • Serpentine Belt (x2) - Volvo Part # 3860086 (might as well replace the port belt while I'm at it) $66.43 each
  • Idler Pulley - Volvo Part # 3860201 $19.10
A buddy of mine calls a $100 bill a "Boat buck".  So, I got out of this one with only about 3 boat bucks and a little downtime.

I'm pretty sure that the alternator failure was due to the water pump that had been leaking in throwing salt water all over the front of both engines.  The water pump was a little over 3 boat bucks, and I just got it replaced three weeks ago and replaced one of my starting batteries at the same time.  Hopefully, I can get some runtime out of the boat next weekend and keep a few boat bucks in my pocket (to spend on fuel!)

Here's a diagram of the appropriate Alternator and serpentine belt drawing with part numbers.

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