Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring 2014 Colonial Beach VFD Rockfish Tournament

Annual Colonial Beach Volunteer Fire Dept. Spring Rock Fish Tournament

The Colonial Beach Volunteer Fire Department (CBVFD) will hold its Annual Spring Rock Fish Tournament on April 19, 2014. A makeup date of April 26 has been established if weather conditions prevent safe boating and fishing.

Captains Meeting:
The Captains meeting will be held at High Tides Restaurant located at 205 Taylor Street, Colonial Beach, Virginia. The meeting will take place at 7PM on Friday April 18, 2014 and will consist of a reading and discussion of all rules and regulations governing the CBVFD tournament. The Captains meeting is mandatory for the Captain or his representative to ensure that all rules and regulations are understood and that contact information regarding check-in procedures are picked up by all Captains. Door prizes will be drawn throughout the meeting for participating Captains/Representatives. (Winners must be present). Food will be available from the menu.

Rules and Regulations:
Rules and Regulations:

1.       This will be an “Honor system Tournament” in the sense that we will rely upon all participants to conduct themselves in an ethical and honest manner.

2.       The Tournament will officially start no earlier than 7:00 AM and no lines will be in the water prior to this time.

3.       Check in of all registered boats will be determined at the captains meeting.

4.       All Maryland DNR and Potomac River fishery Commission (PRFC) rules and regulations regarding Rock Fish limits, sizes and other regulations shall apply. Violations will result in a forfeiture of all prize consideration and entry fee.

5.       Fishing will be limited to the Potomac River from south of the 301 bridge to the mouth of the Potomac River.

6.       No more than one (1) prize per entered boat, not counting junior division and Calcutta’s.

7.       All fish to be weighted and measured consistently in the same manner and with the same scales and measures. All fish will be returned to their captains.

·         Winners will be determined by the total weight of two fish per boat by certified commercial scales provided by the CBVFD

·         In the case of a tie, the tie breaker will be the combined total length of the two weighted fish.

8.       Weigh-In of all fish will take place throughout the day at the Colonial Beach Yacht Center and Lewisetta Marina on the day of the tournament. You must be at the weigh-in station no later than 4 PM to be eligible for weigh-in and subsequent prize consideration.

9.       You must transport your fish for weigh-in by boat only via the water. You are not authorized to transport Rock Fish by any means other than your own boat.

Entry Fees and Prizes:                                                                                                                                                                     
A $150 entry fee will be charged for all boats. . Deadline for entry will be at the start of the Captains meeting. Guaranteed cash prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st Place: $2250 cash
2nd Place: $1500 cash
3rd Place: $1000 cash
4th Place: $500 cash
5th Place: $250 cash
Junior’s will weigh one fish that does not count towards the two fish limit per boat. The junior division winner will be awarded a trophy.         

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