Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring boat commissioning - Volvo 5.0Gi DP-S

What a winter!  Now that it's finally started to warm up a little, I've spent a couple of days getting the boat ready for the water.  I wanted to be on the water a month ago, but it just wasn't meant to be.

First thing I had to do was replace a faulty aft bilge pump.  Originally, there was a 900 GPH pump with a separate float switch.  It had seized up and all but melted down, so I purchased an 1,100 GPH Attwood Sahara pump with a built-in float switch.  While I was in there, I spent a good amount of time cleaning out the bilge.  It was a bit grimy down there.  Simple Green cleaned it up in fairly short order.

I should have done a lot of this during layup at the end of last season, but just didn;t have time to do it.  So, engine oil and outdrive lube got replaced last weekend.  The past couple of years, I had used Volvo oil filters and engine oil, but their branded oils are way overpriced and I went the cheaper route this year.

I am running a pair of 5.0L (305c.i.) Chevrolet fuel injected engines (Volvo 5.0Gi PEFS) with Volvo DuoProp DP-SM outdrives.  Each engine requires 6 quarts of oil with filter change and each outdrive requires 2.6 quarts of gear oil.

Volvo Part numbers:
Oil Filter - OEM Volvo Penta Oil Filter 3850559
Gear Lube (Lower Unit) - Volvo Penta Gear Oil Synthetic 75W90 1-Gallon
Engine Oil - 

Acceptable alternatives, according to Rick - (No warranty implied!)
Oil Filter - Fram PH5 Extra Guard Oil Filter
Gear Lube (Lower Unit) - Valvoline 80W90 Gear Oil (Gallon)
Engine Oil - Rotella T1 SAE30 (Quart) - or - Rotella T1 SAE30 (Gallon)

Hand pump for filling lower unit from the bottom

An finally, There are two zincs on each outdrive - on mounted to the bottom of the gimbal housing and another at the front of the lower unit.  Here are the part numbers for those as well.

3855411 (Front of Lower Unit)
3854130 (Gimbal)

I guess that's about it for now.  See you on the water!

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